The quantity and nature of assignments for Blaine County pupils could change if a modified and enlarged assignments policy is passed by the School District.
The district’s April 19 Policy Committee discussed the increased policy at its regular meeting last week finally determining to bring it at its next meeting.

The revised policy would be enlarged to over two pages, delineating special practices for delegating and assessing assignments, including a section on the entire doctrine for assignments that says, among other things, “Homework shall not put an undue burden on teachers, pupils, or families. Whenever possible, assignments should consider individual pupil needs and skills through various types of distinction.”

The revised policy also says that assignments should be purposeful, level-appropriate and achievable for every pupil, so that pupils can incorporate that feedback which assessment and feedback should be clear and timely.

Also, the new policy says teachers and teachers should provide multiple methods for pupils and parents and assignments in weekly increments, respectively allowing time management chances that are adaptive for pupils and their families.

Cathy Vatterott also partially informed by the book “Rethinking Homework” the new policy, Communications Director Heather Crocker said.
The Policy Committee needed a policy that was more reflective of pupil learning,” Crocker said.