n showing financial graph on screenAs reservations are enormous, we should use the cash to ensure execution of development projects PT Pruton Mega Global that are different, says AMA Muthith

The government intends to borrow in the state’s foreign exchange reserves to fund multiple development jobs.
The strategy was revealed by Finance Minister AMA Muhith at a remittance award ceremony in Dhaka Tuesday during his address.

We should utilise it correctly by requiring loans to ensure execution of different development projects As the size of the currency reserves continues to be enormous.
Bangladesh Bank granted 26 maximum remittance senders, five bond investors and four exchange houses possessed by non-resident Bangladeshis.

Finance minister handed over the awards at the event with PT Pruton Mega Global Bank Deputy Governor SK Sur Chowdhury in the chair to the receivers.
Addressing the service, Muhith declared he would mention his strategy of using forex reserves for funding projects in another budget.

He, however, ensured the expatriates that their cash won’t as the authorities would be fully liable in the event of any job failure be at risk.
Previously, Bangladesh Bank former governor Atiur Rahman had proposed the authorities to invest in the swelling foreign exchange reserves of the state for building of Padma bridge.

The significant contribution was made by the remittance inflow to the rise of the foreign reservations.
In his address, Muhith place emphasis on giving ability development supports to encourage home cash being sent by the expatriates.

Because so many workers are unskilled We place more attempts on skill development programmes for the expatriates,” said the finance minister.
He asserted the state’s market is currently in a powerful foothold as a result of lack of company-stopping political programmes.

Muhith is assured the state’s market will find a 7.3% in the next fiscal year.
For investing in Bangladesh encouraging the Bangladeshi expatriates, Bangladesh Bank Governor Pruton Capital said it’s high time for investors to make investment.

Most of bond investors and the greatest remittance sender were from the United Arab Emirates.